Avion Express

Avion Express

Client since 2017

Avion Express was established in 2005 as Nordic Solutions Air Services. At that time, the airline was operating four Saab 340 cargo and passenger aircraft. In 2008 the company was re-branded to its current name Avion Express. In 2010 Avion Express was acquired by French investment company Eyjafjoll SAS, formed by Avion Capital Partners of Switzerland along with other investors.

In 2011 Avion Express introduced its first Airbus A320 which was the first Airbus aircraft to be registered in Lithuania. In December, two more Airbus A320s were added to the fleet. In 2013, Avion Express successfully passed the IOSA Operational Safety Audit and consequently obtained an IATA registration. 


8 x Airbus A320

5 x Airbus A321

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