Northern Aerotech signs up to Commsoft’s OASES IT system for Global Line Maintenance Support


London, 7th June 2011

◾ Commsoft supports aircraft maintenance organisations with high quality, affordable MRO IT systems

◾ Commsoft’s Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (“OASES”) is one of the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems in the world

◾ Northern Aerotech has signed a 5-year deal for the use of the OASES system for its line maintenance support operations worldwide

Northern Aerotech northern-aerotech.com, a Copenhagen, Denmark based maintenance organisation, has signed a 5-year, 5-concurrent user deal for the use of the OASES system for its line maintenance support operations worldwide.

Northern Aerotech currently provides line maintenance control support for SmartLynx Airlines and is planning to expand its operations to other customers. The company has bases in Riga, Latvia, Bratislava, Slovakia, Prague, Czech Republic, Tallinn, Estonia, Vilnius, Lithuania, Tel Aviv, Israel and Tajikistan. Northern Aerotech offers a range of ‘on demand’ or 'contract 24/7' services including:

◾ Ad-hoc work

◾ Transit check, ETOPS & Pre-flight checks

◾ Daily & Service checks

◾ A-checks

◾ Engine changes

◾ Component changes

◾ Troubleshooting and fault rectification

Nick Godwin, Business Development Director at Commsoft, commented on the deal: “The Commsoft team look forward to assisting Northern Aerotech with a rapid OASES implementation in order to support their line maintenance obligations to SmartLynx. Due to the user-friendliness and flexibility of the OASES system we are able to accommodate Northern Aerotech’s immediate and future requirements. This is the fifth signed contract for the OASES system this year as we witness an increased demand around the world for the use of this high quality, affordable MRO IT systems.”

The OASES system will initially provide the following services to Northern Aerotech:

◾Inventory including RFQ

◾Planning & Workpack Production

◾Line Maintenance Control

◾Digital Documentation for workcard manual attachments

Morten Schalls Jorgensen, Accountable Manager at Northern Aerotech added: "It is going to be exciting to see the future of Northern Aerotech as we are going to be more flexible and we will limit all unnecessary workload of the individual, we will be even more LEAN with this new setup. For us this will create more time to do what we do best."

Commsoft’s OASES is a sophisticated and easy to use system that is utilised by national and regional carriers, third party maintainers, cargo specialists, charter operators and specialist rotable stockists around the world. Commsoft has four regional centres in the UK, an international office in Australia and a technical support office in India.

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