NextJet selects AirVault Linked to OASES for maintenance records management


Commsoft is delighted to announce that the AirVault maintenance records management system produced by its partner Critical Technologies has been adopted by Sweden’s largest regional airline NextJet.

NextJet is already a user of Commsoft’s OASES maintenance management software and AirVault has been integrated into it so that mechanics, auditors, and inspectors can capture and access maintenance documents directly.

The licence deal means that the system has now been successfully integrated into two of Commsoft’s customer operations using OASES, as well as being in extensive use by major airlines.

AirVault fits into NextJet’s vision and plans for becoming one of Sweden’s most efficiently run airlines by making use of the best technology available. The carrier undertakes scheduled, charter ACMI, and cargo operations and is a pioneer in deploying new technologies.

In addition, NextJet’s Deputy CEO Linda Holmberg is deploying AirVault’s functionality to capture and manage air cargo and ground handling contracts with the airline’s vendors.

Among other functions, AirVault automatically notifies NextJet when a contract’s renewal date is coming due, providing ample time to negotiate the contract while the current one is still in force.

Critical Technologies CEO, John Oldham, said: “We are proud to serve NextJet and in particular its use of AirVault for tracking and maintaining its air cargo and ground handling contracts. AirVault is a scalable solution, useful and affordable for airlines of any size.”

AirVault is the premier web-based solution enabling the aviation industry to manage fleet maintenance records across their ecosystem of business and regulatory partners.

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