INAER Selects Commsoft’s OASES to Manage the Italian Government’s Fleet of Fire Fighting Aircraft


◾Commsoft supports aircraft maintenance organisations with high quality, affordable MRO IT systems

◾INAER Aviation Italia SPA is part of the Avincis Group, headquartered in the UK

◾INAER Aviation Italia SPA will use Commsoft’s OASES software to manage 19 fire fighting aircraft based at Rome Ciampino Airport and deployed at locations across Italy

◾OASES is one of the world’s most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems, used by over 50 organisations globally

Communications Software (Airline Systems) Limited, provider of market leading software systems for aircraft maintenance announces today that INAER Aviation Italia SPA will be implementing the Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (“OASES”) to operate the Italian government’s fleet of fire fighting aircraft.

INAER, an international specialist fleet services operation, has signed an initial 20 concurrent user deal for the use of OASES to manage 19 Bombardier CL-415 water-bombers based at Rome Ciampino Airport, owned by Protezione Civile Nazionale.

OASES is a sophisticated, user-friendly tool that can be deployed efficiently into any aircraft maintenance environment. Combining vast experience of the aviation and IT industries, Commsoft offers software that utilises cutting edge technologies to increase efficiency and drive down costs for users. OASES will be used to support all CAMO activities and line maintenance support across a network of dispersed operating sites as well as inventory and heavy base maintenance work at Rome-Ciampino and Lamezia.

The new OASES commercial module will also be deployed and OASES will interface with business critical systems such as SAP.

Nick Godwin, Managing Director at Commsoft, commented: “I am delighted that INAER Aviation Italia has selected OASES. The CL-415 water bomber fleet has many unique characteristics, which require specific monitoring in a MRO IT system and OASES is ideally suited for these. The seasonal nature of the fire fighting operations with their intense periods of line operation and base maintenance pose many challenges and our implementation team will be working closely with INAER’s experts to be ready for these.”

Roberto de Pompeis, General Director at INAER added: “INAER provides a vital service in a very challenging environment. After extensive evaluation of OASES and Commsoft’s implementation support, we are happy that we have found a good fit to our highly demanding needs.”

Commsoft is headquartered in Essex, with four regional centres in the UK, an international office in Australia and a technical support office in India. Commsoft’s systems are used by national and regional carriers, third party maintainers, cargo specialists, charter operators and specialist rotable stockists based all over the world.

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