Commsoft CEO presents Loganair case study at MRO & Operations IT Conference in Frankfurt


On 12th June, Commsoft CEO Nick Godwin will be making a presentation at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference – EMEA which is being held at the Darmstadtium in Frankfurt, Germany. The conference which has been running for the past six years is the only conference of its kind to address all of the key issues relating to the development and application of IT systems to aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

Mr Godwin’s presentation will be based on a case study that examines the challenges, implementation and benefits of upgrading line maintenance control solutions and features the airline Loganair. Founded in 1962, Loganair is the United Kingdom’s oldest continuously operating airline, serving regional routes in Scotland and elsewhere in the U.K. Its operations are diverse and frequently flown in challenging weather conditions from remote locations, requiring very tight control of line maintenance and technical compliance in order to ensure the highest reliability and safety standards.

With a fleet of 16 Saab 340s, 2 DHC6 Twin Otters and 2 BN2 Islanders, Loganair has been using Commsoft’s OASES computerised maintenance planning and control system for around 20 years. But in late 2009, the company decided to upgrade to the latest Oracle-based version of OASES at the same time as embarking on a project to integrate new Line Maintenance Control (LMC) functionality into its workflows and processes and integrate disparate systems within a ‘one stop shop’ philosophy. Full live deployment was achieved in May 2011 and as Loganair have attested, the result has been better repetitive defect alerting, significantly improved efficiencies from an integrated, automated data feed, and the freeing of resources to allow for greater concentration on driving the line.

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