Commsoft’s OASES system chosen by Croatian CAMO operator AvioCATS


Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems, is delighted to announce that Zagreb-based Avio Grupa D.O.O. (AvioCATS) has selected OASES as the MRO IT system for its start-up CAMO operation.

Designed to combine ease of use with a technical sophistication that allows for the full integration of all maintenance and engineering functions, OASES is structured in a modular format. AvioCATS will be using the Core, Airworthiness and Planning modules using Commsoft's hosted OASES environment and have signed a 3-year, 5 concurrent user deal.

Founded by Branimir Vukovic, Alen Kauzlaric and Ratimir Cular who collectively have over 45 years’ aviation engineering management experience, AvioCATS is already using OASES to support its first airline customer, Dubai-based SAFI Airways (www.safiairways.com) which is fast becoming the most reputable operator in Afghanistan and has a growing fleet of Airbus A319s and A320s together with a Boeing 757-200 and 767-200.

AvioCATS is receiving its CAMO approval, ref HR.MG.034, from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) in December 2013.

Nick Godwin, MD of Commsoft, commented: “We’re delighted that AvioCATS has chosen OASES. It demonstrates once again how successful we have been in configuring our OASES offer, including our hosted option, to appeal to operators and maintenance organisations of all sizes, including start-ups.”

Branimir Vukovic, co-founder of AvioCATS, noted: “Having seen OASES presentations many years ago, I was impressed by the professionalism of Commsoft staff and have since seen major new value-adding functional enhancements developed in OASES. These factors will allow us to approach the CAMO market with confidence.”


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