Commsoft Holds Webinar with Aircraft IT Magazine


Commsoft will be holding its annual Aircraft IT webinar on the 16th October, with a live demonstration of OASES, its cost-effective M&E/MRO IT software system.

With a focus on integration, visibility and control, the webinar will explain why over 80 customers worldwide use OASES, how Commsoft provides 24/7 customer support around the world and why continual system development is so important for efficient data sharing.

After a tour of the end-to-end system – with functionality including Continuing Airworthiness, Planning, Production, Line Maintenance Control, Material Management, Commercial Management and Warranty – Commsoft will be introducing its cutting-edge new upgrades to OASES.

  • New upgrades

eTechLog and Technical Records Commsoft will be sharing how airlines and aircraft operators can gain real-time access to key Technical Records by linking an eTechLog to M&E software.

Find out how OASES can:

◾Increase efficiency

◾Ensure regulatory compliance

◾Produce accuracy and timely data

◾Provide cost savings

  • Repetitive Defect Investigations

You will learn how OASES can be used to identify the occurrence of repetitive defects and alert engineering teams to repetitive defect events, eliminating time spent manually classifying defects and identifying repetition.

Find out how OASES can facilitate:

◾Defect investigation tracking

◾Reporting on defects

◾Tracking automation

  • Reliability Reporting

Finally, you will see OASES can quickly and efficiently build a comprehensive monthly reliability report for an entire fleet. With utilisation data, defect reports, delays and various other data automatically collected, engineers can focus on examining reliability issues rather than compiling reports manually.

Find out how OASES can build reports on:


◾Dispatch reliability

◾Component reliability

The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session, during which attendees can draw on Commsoft’s vast knowledge of M&E / MRO software and the aviation industry.


◾General introduction to Commsoft and the OASES product.

◾High-level system demonstration – OASES overview including: Core module; Continuing Airworthiness module; Planning module; Production module; Materials module; Line Maintenance module; and Commercial module.

◾eTechLog and Technical Records demonstration.

◾Repetitive Defect Investigations demonstration.

◾Reliability Report building demonstration.Questions and Answers.

Session 1 will be at 06.30 (UTC/GMT) Session 2 will be at 14.30 (UTC/GMT)

Each session is an hour long and free of charge. Visit the webinar page for more details and registration.

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