Commsoft sponsors Aircraft Records Summit


Commsoft is a Silver Sponsor for the 4th Annual Aircraft Records summit which is being held in London today, 9th December. Presented by Aeropodium in collaboration with regulators, operators, MROs and leasing companies from across Europe, the theme of the summit is: Technical Records & Document Management: Digitisation and Value. 

Maintaining aircraft records accurately and efficiently is essential in order to retain the value of aircraft, meet compliance requirements, support decision-making on operations and maintenance, and avoid additional costs at lease end. 

With a highly interactive format designed to encourage genuine engagement, the summit will debate issues such as the commercial significance of aircraft records, legal issues relating to aircraft records, aircraft maintenance programs, aircraft records scanning, and maintenance and engineering software.

Commsoft’s Managing Director, Nick Godwin, will be one of the expert speakers at the event which will offer an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how innovative operators are saving significant costs by adopting best-of-breed MRO IT systems like OASES.

For more information about the event, please click here.

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