Commsoft to host live webinar demonstration of OASES


On 8th October, Commsoft will be hosting two free sessions of a live webinar as part of the Aircraft IT Webinar series. Lasting for approximately one hour, each session will begin with a high level tour of OASES outlining the system’s rich functionality and the benefits of its modular structure which allow for the cost-effective management of all aspects of aviation maintenance and engineering.

There will then be demonstrations of three of the latest cutting-edge OASES developments, beginning with the new OASES mobile app which can be accessed via standard browsers on all mobile and tablet devices. Designed to be used in the field by pilots and line maintenance engineers, the app enables real-time viewing of maintenance data from anywhere in the world. Security settings can restrict user access to specific aircraft, making the app suitable for 3rd party customers or contractor employees where limited access to aircraft data is necessary.

There will then be a demonstration of the new e-Signature functionality which allows engineers to sign-off work at any location, leading to significant increases in efficiency and a simplified audit process. Finally, the OASES team will demonstrate the new Repetitive Defect Investigations feature. By automatically identifying the occurrence of repetitive defects and alerting the engineering teams, this feature allows the engineers to concentrate on identifying and remedying the underlying causes.

Each webinar will conclude with a Question and Answer session.

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