Commsoft MD to chair prestigious Annual Aviation MRO Summit in Munich


Nick Godwin, Managing Director of Commsoft, will be chairing the Annual Aviation MRO Summit which is being held in Munich on the 29th and 30th of November.


This prestigious event, organised by Luxatia International, will examine in depth the latest trends, projects and innovations in aviation MRO, both regionally and globally. A distinguished roster of speakers includes: Emmanuel Marquis, Managing Director of TRIGO; Joel Glusman, President & CEO of TALA; Bram Nicolai, Vice President Engineering & Maintenance of Transavia; Francisco Vieira, Airworthiness Manager - EMEA and South Asia for Embraer.


Nick has chaired numerous conferences throughout his career adopting a delegate participation approach to gain maximum benefit from each topic. Nick joined Commsoft in 2008 as Business Development Director and became Managing Director in 2011. Commsoft originated and continues to develop the industry-leading MRO IT system, OASES.


In addition to the individual presentations, the Annual Aviation MRO Summit will provide all the delegates with exceptional networking opportunities, enabling them to share with each other their views on the opportunities, and the risks, of current developments and helping them to set their strategies for the future.


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