Commsoft’s OASES helps Africa World Airlines win prestigious award at Embraer Operators Conference


Commsoft, developer of the industry-leading MRO IT system, OASES, is delighted that Africa World Airlines (AWA) has won a benchmark award dubbed “the honorific title of Reliability Data Quality” at the Embraer Operators Conference 2019.

In the words of Patrick Akowuah Jr. from AWA’s Engineering Management Centre: “AWA was one of two airlines that won the highest award among all EMB145 operators in the world in terms of the high quality standard on the fleet reliability data provided to Embraer on a monthly basis, following the most rigorous criteria in terms of quantity, quality and timing of information provided. This was only possible because of OASES. Our technical data collection and management has been revolutionized since we joined the OASES community.”

Nick Commsoft, Managing Director of Commsoft, replied: “I have no doubt that your hard work has been key to this achievement and it confirms the feedback I have received from our staff about the outstanding professionalism of AWA’s staff. Here at Commsoft, we are proud of the contribution that OASES has made to this.”

This award was made at the annual Embraer Operators Conference which was held at Embraer’s facility at Fort Lauderdale in the United States of America which was held on April 24-25th.






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